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Project Description

Mount Lemmon Village Center (or “SummerHaven” as it is known locally) is typically 18 degrees cooler than Tucson 5000 feet below. As such, it was a favorite destination for Tucsonans to escape the summer heat until fires in 2003 and 2004 left very little of the center intact. Urban Moment bought the damaged old lodge and the adjoining ¾ acres and platted the property for 33 condos. However, when the market crashed, that was no longer a viable option so we switched gears. In conjunction with Bob Zimmerman, we designed and built the Sawmill Run Restaurant which has been successful in part due to our Music on the Mountain events that have brought bands and crowds to Mount Lemmon for the past several years running. We are working collaboratively with neighbors and the county to find best uses for the remaining land which will likely include both residential and retail development.

Project Details

  • Originally designed for condos but great recession made that impractical
  • Partnered with Bob Zimmerman who successfully runs the restaurant to this day
  • In conjunction with the new restaurant, we started Music on the Mountain – to bring bands and crowds onto the property