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Project Description

Urban Moment has used its extensive experience with Mesquite Homes and multi-family projects to create Urbana YardHomes™. Urbana addresses current rental community needs in residential living while providing the look and feel of single-family residential homes. Home ownership in the U.S. has dropped 7% in three years. Meanwhile, the higher end rental option offered by Urbana is an important component of a diverse housing stock that is lacking in most communities. We combine quality building, detached units, and the pride of having a new house with the flexibility and affordability traditionally offered only by apartment living. Urbana Rental Home developments are in the towns and cities in which people want to live. Currently, we are in the planning phase for multiple projects in and near Austin, Texas.

Project Details

  • New concept in residential living – higher end detached rental home communities with the convenience of multi-family developments.
  • Specifically for residents that want the amenities of a single-family home with the pricing and conveniences of an apartment.
  • Initial two projects will be in Austin, TX. Construction commencing in 2018.